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Who We Are

Rockstar Book Tours is owned and operated by Jaime of Two Chicks on Books and Rachel of Fiktshun and has been in operation for 5 years.

We decided to start Rockstar Book Tours because we love books, the authors behind the books - they are our rockstars - and blog tours. And we wanted to be able to provide a service below cost of other tour companies that would allow us to promote the authors and books we love.

We feel that you shouldn’t always have to pay high prices to get the best promotion possible for your books! That being said, because we’re offering our services for a lower price, we will also be pickier than most tour sites and will only host authors/books that we know and love or that we ourselves would read!

Our Experience

We both have have over six years experience blogging and have participated on well over 1000 blog tours combined. And in August 2012 and 2013 we hosted the Authors Are Rockstars Tour - a month-long event which included over one hundred tour stops.

Jaime is the former Publicity and Marketing Director for Month 9 Books as well as Entangled Publishing. She has moved out of her work in publishing to pursue a career in fashion and is now an Independent Fashion Consultant for LuLaRoe. But she still loves books and will keep hosting blog tours for as long as they exist! As a part of her previous jobs she frequently organized blog tours for her authors, and has organized blog tours for many other authors from small presses to authors from Big 5 houses. To learn more about Jaime, visit her About page.

When she’s not sailing, blogging or spending way too much time in Photoshop creating buttons for her blog posts, Rachel works for a firm that does strategic marketing and crisis management. So she knows just a little something about spreading the word, keeping organized and putting out fires. To learn more about Rachel, visit her About page.

We both love participating in blog tours and as participants and event hosts we know what goes on behind the scenes and how to avoid the pitfalls so that the tour can be run as smoothly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Promise

We will do our very best to give you a rockin’ blog tour that puts you and your book in the spotlight with maximum exposure and minimum stress.

We will work closely with you before, during and after the tour to ensure its success.

We will spread the word about your tour on the Rockstar Book Tours blog, on our blogs Fiktshun and Two Chicks on Books, and on our social media outlets - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr - before and during your tour.

For more information about our tours, please visit our “What We Do” page.

A Note

While most tours are ones where both Jaime and Rachel are fans of the book being promoted there will be the occasional book on tour that only one of us is dying to read. Acceptance of a book for promotion does not in all instances require a sign-off from both hosts and does not in all instances mean that both hosts will be involved in its promotion.


  1. Hello, how can I become A Rock Star Tour Host? I'm an avid book blogger and I absolutely love what I do! I'm apart of several other tours including Tasty Book Tours, Xpresso Book Tours, YA Bound By Books .

    You can find my blog at Http://www.ashes86blog.wordpress.com

    My email is ashes_0249@yahoo.com

    Please contact me and let me know what you decide.
    Thanks, Ashley Poteet

  2. Does Rockstar Book Tours host blog tours on poetry book collections and or poetry chapbooks? And if not, do you know about anyone or any sites that does?

  3. Hello,

    I am interested in teh Book Tour of my Non-Fiction book:

    Madam President- Rise of Matriarchy
    This is a book which predicts the results of US Presidential Elections 2016

    Need you to create buzz as this is the season for this Paperback Amazon.com book.

    Puneet Mathur

  4. Hello, I understand that my book is not really what you focus on. But, do you know people who are setting up tours like you are for authors who write science fiction? Thank you

  5. Hi,

    Could you please share your email address. I could not find it on your website.

    Please contact me on Garima.om1@gmail.com

  6. Hello. I'm very interested in participating in the upcoming book tour for Dear Martin by Nic Stone. I'm a serious book reviewer who loves novels and blogs regularly.

    My email is semiataiwo@gmail.com

    You can check out my blog at www.stuffedshelvesite.wordpress.com

    Thanks and I hope you will contact me about your decision.

  7. I would very much appreciate it if you would review my new book, The Two Hands of The King. I can send a review copy if you like. Thanks.
    Title:  The Two Hands of The King
    Author:  Wayne McKinstry    
    Genere:  Fantasy
    Published Date:  11/21/2019
    81,053 words
    Sir Donald and Lord Overton are bitter rivals for the favor of King Phillip deRoyale. But now their world is threatened by evil creatures, who intend to make this world their own. Now the two rivals will be tested like never before when their King orders them to work together to deal with this new enemy. Can these rivals work together? They will have help from Prince Luke, who is the third son of King DeRoyale. Also they will work with a Witch and Wizard who have to sort out their romantic feelings while saving the world.


  8. Hi. I am interested in signing up for your tours and I've searched your site but can't find an email address or a contact page. Where do I go to get a hold of you and possibly book a tour?