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I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the YOU'RE NOT LAZY by Georgia Homsany Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About The Book:


Author: Georgia Homsany

Pub. Date: January 25, 2024

Publisher: Georgia Homsany

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 151

Find it: Goodreads 

Did you know the average person has 60,000 thoughts per day? Even more surprising is that 80% of those thoughts are negative! How do our words impact how we show up in the world?

In “You’re Not Lazy,” Georgia dives into the impact our words have on our self-esteem, showing us how self-talk is killing our self-worth. Learn why we seem to focus on the bad and the typical “lies” we tell ourselves, such as “I’m so lazy,” and how we can reframe self-talk to boost confidence to live a more empowered life.





This book is meant to de-bunk things society conditions  us to think and feel. It’s meant to inspire us to live our  best lives with child-like awe and wonder without us  giving a damn what we think we’re supposed to do or  feel. Above all, it’s meant to teach us to love ourselves  and how our words are more powerful than we’ll ever  know. 

I like to read books and listen to podcasts that educate  me. I always say my two genres are 1) psychology and 2)  business. Unless I’m learning how to do something that  can teach me about my work or self-growth (a.k.a. – self help books… P.S. I hate that phrase!), I’m uninterested.  

“Don’t you love getting caught up in a novel? Or lost in  fiction?” (I’m picturing my friend Allison and her love for  fiction and getting lost in a book.) Nope, not me. I hate  to read. Eek, did I just say that out loud? I did. I have to  be honest, but here I am, writing a book. Why? Because  I believe in the message. 

My eighth-grade teacher, Miss Donohue, would always  say, “Knowledge is power.” Despite being someone who  struggles with recollection, this is something that stayed  with me. (Knowledge in this context is awareness.)  Through therapy, I’ve learned that you can’t make  change without awareness. After all, how can you make  a change when you don’t even know there is a problem  or are willing to admit it?

So, in honor of Miss D and her lesson of “knowledge is  power,” this book is meant to educate you in the ways  you want it to. I am not in the position of telling people  what to do or judging them. Trust me, I am in the  wellness business, and there are plenty of lifestyle  choices someone could call me out on as a fraud. But I  am human, and I make choices, and I will never make  only good choices. That is okay, and the same goes for  you. This book is about giving yourself grace. You are the  one capable of deciding what to improve upon when it  comes to you, not others. 

Before we get into things, I want to tell a story…  

I was on a plane back from Los Angeles when a friend  (let’s call her Donna) asked me to accompany her to a  work conference. I booked the trip at the last minute  because I was frustrated with a new side job I had  started, which was a lot of manual labor. I had been  working hard, and I felt I deserved some time away. I  love California and hadn’t been so far that year. I  envisioned myself sitting poolside with a cocktail, feeling  like a luxury. Dining out at the best restaurants and  “treating myself.” The trip didn’t go as planned. Nothing  went wrong, per se, but there was a strike going on, and  our hotel in Beverly Hills was replaced with a conference  hotel downtown in a not-so-charming area. The swanky  pool turned into a family pool with kids yelling, and I  spent a good amount of time working from a hotel room  (depressing). 

Disclaimer: I realize this is a first-world problem here,  but stay with me. 

My flight wasn’t cheap, but I opted for one with a layover  because it saved me $200. That return flight got delayed,  and I had to re-route since I would’ve missed my  connection. Then that flight got delayed, and it took me  about 13 hours to get home to Raleigh from LA (normally  a 5 ½ hour flight). Most people would be livid, having a  fit, but I kept calm. ‘I have nowhere to be,’ I thought. I  was planning on that day being a travel day, and so it  was. Granted, it was longer than anticipated, but who  cares? I’d be sitting at home vs. in an airport… Not the  end of the world, and it’s what I signed up for by trying  to save money! (I’ll also add that I ended up in two  middle seats in the back of the plane on both my flights  to LA. If that doesn’t say luxury, I don’t know what does!  Thanks, United.) 

As an occasional journaler and someone working on  manifesting more, I wrote in my journal that day: ‘I  manifest flying first class consistently someday.’ Then I  added another line with more intention: ‘I will be a first 

class flier.’ 

Yeah, that’s right, girl,’ I thought to myself. You tell the  universe what you want! (I also wrote after that  sentence: ‘I will be an author.’ ) 

So, my point in telling you this stems from the book I was  reading at the time, The Universe Has Your Back, by  Gabrielle Bernstein. Things started happening for me  when I started reading this book. Coincidence? Or was I taking in (perhaps even subconsciously) all of the  messages? I could sum up the main takeaway of the book  in one sentence: “No matter what you’re feeling (fear,  anger, etc.), just change that to say, ‘I choose love.’” It’s  a good reminder to get yourself back to a good headspace  (I almost said headplace – thank you, second glass of  sparkling wine on the plane as I write this). 

When I booked the trip to LA, I thought I might be meant  to meet someone on that trip or even on the plane. When  writing this, I was 41–42 years old, single, and giving  myself opportunities to meet people in real life because I  wasn’t a fan of dating apps.  

There is likely a bigger reason I made the decision to go  since, when Donna first mentioned it, I winced that it’d  only be 2 to 3 days going all the way across the country.  And even though spending time with Donna in California  was attractive enough, the unattractiveness of the short  duration was surpassed by my gut telling me to go.  

As I was stuck in airport #2 on the way back, I thought,  ‘Hmmm. This trip wasn’t what I anticipated, but that’s  ok. I thought maybe I was meant to meet someone  unique, perhaps a new client or love interest… But as I  sit here, on the plane, writing this book, I wonder if this  is where I was meant to be.’ 

Part of how I justified the trip to myself (not that I  needed to, but why do we feel the need to justify  spending money on things?) is I told my best friend that  I would use the plane time to work on my book. On a  plane, you have minimal interruptions. Plus, you are inspired by going to a fun place, and that excitement  created an optimal environment for me to write. 

On the plane ride to LA, I wrote zero. Not one word. Not  because I was watching Netflix on my laptop but because  I was catching up on work from my other jobs and trying  to sleep since I had been up since 3:30 am taking an early  flight (due to booking a flight that had a layover).  

[Question: What is the opportunity cost if I had spent  money on a better flight that could have led to me writing  on the flight? Something to think about, but I digress  since this isn’t an economics book.] 

Anyway, I made up for it on the return flight. So, back to  Gabby and her book. I’m nearing the end of her book,  and the last chapter is all about being a beacon of light.  Her words are making me warm and fuzzy, to the point  where I’d like to quote her because I feel responsible for  passing on this message to you.  

Gabby says: “I write these books to have an impact on  your life so that you can have an impact on the world. As  each individual lights up their life, the world becomes  brighter. While I want all my readers to learn how to  manifest their desires, thrive in their careers, and enjoy  wildly incredible relationships, what I want most from  you is to be the light. I perceive myself as a can opener  who is here to crack you open to your highest potential  to serve the world with your joy.” 

This warmed my heart so much. Clearly enough that I’m  directly quoting her in my book. I include this because I think so many of my readers would probably think to  themselves, ‘That can’t be me. I’m definitely not a light!’ or some other negative, self-deprecating comment.  That’s why I’m here. To make you aware so you can  understand how you are a light.  

We have to blow off the dust of that light and get an  energy-efficient bulb to bring us into the current day  frequency so we can shine so bright that we see that light  in daylight and darkness. 



About Georgia Homsany:

Georgia Homsany, Founder & CEO of Daily Dose Wellness, began her career in Marketing & Brand Management, before creating her own corporate wellness company. After spending over 15 years in Corporate America, Georgia started Daily Dose to provide virtual "wellness breaks" to give employees the time needed to prevent burnout and promote positive mental health.

She is a self taught, wellness guru with a business background and completed courses on “Managing your Mental Health during COVID,” "Digesting Nutrition" and "Yoga Psychology". She is a member of Raleigh Metro SHRM and is responsible for writing RMSHRM’s Wellness Blog. She recently published her first book- You're Not Lazy- Change Your Words to Change Your Worth to help people build their confidence through the power of self-talk.

Georgia is a New Jersey native and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Scranton and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University. She is trained in level 2 Reiki, loves yoga, oysters, wine and is an avid traveler.

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