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Starting January 1, 2017 Rockstar Book Tours will no longer be a free service. We will be charging for tours.*

If you’d like to request a tour with Rockstar Book Tours, please email us with the following:

  • Tour type – Cover Reveal, Trailer Reveal, Scavenger Hunt, Book Tour or other
  • Book details – cover image, description, genre, release date
  • Special requests – if you have special requests or other requirements

Rockstar Book Tours will review all tour requests received. If we feel that your book is a match we will make every effort to accommodate your request. As we are committed to giving each tour the attention it deserves, even if it is a match, we may not be able to accept all requests if we are previously booked.


Cover or Trailer Reveal (unlimited stops)- $25
Release Day or Release Week Book Blitz (unlimited stops, no reviews)- $25
10 Stop Blog Tour (5 reviews & 5 promo posts)- $50
15-20 Stop Blog Tour (10 or more reviews & 10 or more promo posts)- $100

Note: Due to the number of requests we receive, we will only be able to respond to those tours we are accepting.

Please allow up to two weeks for us to respond to your request for a tour. If you are a "new to us" author we will need to familiarize ourselves with your body of work prior to us making a determination.

If you are an author we are already familiar with and there is a need for urgency, please add "RUSH" to the subject line and we will make every attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Reminder: As we are both (mostly) YA book bloggers, as are our hosts, the types of books we will consider accepting for a tour include -
  • YA - most genres (paranormal/urban fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, suspense/thriller, epic/high fantasy, sci-fi, action/adventure, horror, et al). No non-fiction.
  • NA - very limited (paranormal/urban fantasy, contemporary), with content that will be appropriate for most audiences.
  • PNR/UF only - limited
We WILL NOT accept tours for Picture Books, Middle Grade Books, Adult Contemporary Romance, Erotica, or Non-Fiction books!

If your novel is not YA and does not fall into one of the above categories, at this time we will be unable to provide a tour for your book. As we only accept tours for books we read or would consider reading and as our goal is to offer the best promotion possible, we do not feel that our reach would deliver on that promise.

*Due to a conflict of interest, Rachel Clarke does not receive any money for the tour services at Rockstar Book Tours. Any assistance given on a tour by Rachel is strictly on a volunteer basis.


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  2. Hi Jaime & Rachel, fabulous ethos, and I'm emailing you directly! In addition to representing Julia Hughes, I'm chief editor on the book related site "Words Unlimited," which is committed to supporting indie authors. I'd be delighted to host any of your upcoming "Rockstar Book Tours".
    emailing you now:)

  3. Hi Jaime & Rachel,
    May I hope that you can provide book tour for a historical fiction? Please let me introduce my award winning novel The Dance of the Spirits. The book tells a story of an American Army Lieutenant, a female Chinese surgeon and their forbidden love in a forgotten war. The book won the 2014 eLit Awards sponsored by Jenkins Group Publishing, and received positive reviews from Kirkus Reviews and San Francisco Book Reviews. The Amazon link is
    The book’s ISBN 9780989690928
    Best wishes

  4. Hi,my name is Gerald Malinga an author of THE DEAD MAN ROARS.I would like to have a book tour with you.Please check my book review on my blog.
    Good start for the roaring dead man


    Last Updated: 10 May 2015

    Gerald Malinga with his book

    Gerald Malinga’s The Dead Man Roars made it to the top six works of fiction shortlisted for last month’s Book Week public author reading, organised by the National Library of Uganda.

    Revolving around cattle raids, the novel explores how the people of the fictional Toibong and neighbouring villages react to raiders. Chief Ikoja, a fairly rich villager, seeks the services of Bombay, a witch-doctor, for charms to repulse the invaders with lightning.

    Among the three conditions that must be fulfilled in order for his son, Dibola, to receive the powers is a sacrifice of “the most highly-esteemed person in the village”.

    That is how Johny Haraka, preparing for his first year at the Ivory Tower University, is slain, and then disembowelled. Unfortunately for the Ikojas, Bombay’s prescription does not work, not even for himself – he is killed by the raiders for trying to resist looting. The charms will not stop the invaders’ raining gunshots.

    Yet Haraka’s clan will not let their son’s slayers go scot-free. They consult Jogo, the herbalist from Tumtum, to impose a ritual curse to avenge his death.

    With a stroke of his pen, Malinga strikes many in Ikoja’s household dead, thanks to the potency of Jogo’s portions, until a family elder recommends reconciliation with Matilda, Haraka’s mother.

    But the delegation from the now late Ikoja’s family will not stand the dead man’s roaring; they flee the cleansing exercise. The writer uses Olum’s encounter with a Christian group in the Machakura game park to indicate hope for the restoration of the late Ikoja’s household and the entire Toibong, thus “My Toibong will change”.

    Throughout the 105 pages of the book, Malinga gives the reader a feel of the culture in Toibong: the communal aspects; the teasing marriage procedures; superstitions; and death rituals.

    The 31-year-old medical laboratory technician paints a picture of the aftermath of the cattle raids, in the wake of the Idi Amin regime. However, Malinga allows unnecessary dialogues such as those of what the characters’ next moves are.

    Some characters often seem like disinterested movie actors being forced to follow a script; some of them are emotionless, even when it is obvious that they should not be detached. He could also have retained more interest through suspense.

    Nevertheless, The Dead Man Roars is a well-knitted story worth hours, even days of reading: it is a good first novel.
    June 6, 2015 by geraldmalinga 1 Comment

  5. Hi Jamie, Rachel and the Rock Star Book Tour team,

    I would like to sign up for a book tour with your site. Michael Phillip Cash is a Young Adult author who writes for the paranormal, action-adventure, suspense/thriller, mystery and sci-fi genres. We wanted to book tour his book, Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island, which recently placed as a nominee screenplay in the Hoboken International Film Festival and received Runner-Up in the Long Island International Film Expo. Here is the detail information for you.:

    Tour type – Book Tour
    -- Book details –
    -- description: Paul Russo’s wife just died. While trying to get his family’s life back in order, Paul is being tormented by a demon who is holding his wife's spirit hostage on the other side. His fate is intertwined with an old haunted mansion on the north shore of Long Island called Stillwell Manor. Paul must find clues dating back hundreds of years to set his wife's soul free.
    -- genre: Ghost, Haunted House, Horror
    -- Currently Released June 21, 2013

    Please take Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island, into consideration for your upcoming book tours. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Brittney Bass
    Chelshire, INC. Publicist
    (718) 267-5448