MORE JUNE TOURS- 2 YA & 2 Adult Tours! The Genres Are Fantasy, PNR, & Sci-Fi

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Hey everyone! I am super excited to announce more June Tours I'm hosting! There's a mix of YA & Adult. This a great list with a great variety of genres from fantasy, paranormal, & sci-fi! There's FOUR tours to sign up for so there's something for everyone!

REVIEW COPIES- Most of these tours will have physical copies for US Residents only. It will say in each book's description below if there are physical copies or only ebooks.



Check below for specifics on each tour and click on the book covers for the Goodreads links and book info.

Details on giveaways are TK.

If you'd like to be considered to be a stop on any of these tours, please first sign up as a tour host and fill out the form below.

Please note: Signing up for the tour does not guarantee you will be selected. I will reach out to all hosts that have been chosen once the sign-ups have closed.

I am totally stoked for the tour for all of these tours this June! I can't wait for everyone to read them!

About the Books! 

Click on the covers to add the books to your Goodreads lists!


This WONDERLOVE YA Fantasy tour runs for one month from June 1st-30th, will have one stop a day on a Blog, Instagram, or TikTok and consist of reviews, pre-made guest posts, excerpts, & spotlights. Priority will go to review stops. Physical books available (US addresses only) and eBooks available. There will be images for Instagram stops. 


About The Book:

"He used to say, 'a broken heart breaks all around it. Heal you, heal the world.'"

There once were two children,

a girl and a boy.

One could create,

the other, destroy.

Within every heart lies the power to bond or break.

On an isolated port of floating garbage called Hop, Gaiel Izz and his sister, Lynd, never imagined they’d be able to change anything…

Not their nasty neighbors, not their hungry bellies, and especially not their missing father.

That will change when they discover the power of myracles — magic that either creates or destroys.

As the brother and sister set across Esa to bring their family back together, this power will either unite them or shatter their entire world to pieces.

It will all come down to what truly lies within their hearts…

Create or destroy?


"An exceptional, must-read adventure written by an exciting new voice in fantasy" —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"I adore the world-building that has been done in this story with a carefully considered and applied system of magic that is quickly established then explored as the story is told. Wes Dyson wisely avoids getting bogged down in the mechanical details of how Myracles work and instead uses it to amplify the characteristics of the people who use it to create a masterful character study of a brother and a sister who each is being forced to deal with grief in their own particular ways. The characters of Lynd and Gai are expertly realized. Their journey together throughout Myracles in the Void results in the layers of their characters being beautifully and slowly peeled back in a style reminiscent of some of the most memorable coming of age stories until we're left with the core of their fully realized and deep characters. It's a feeling that will stay with readers long after the final page."---Readers' Favorite


This Isra Sravenheart Paranormal Romance tour runs for two weeks from June 13th-17th & 20th-24th, will one stop a day on a Blog, Instagram, or TikTok and consist of reviews, pre-made guest posts, excerpts, & spotlights. Priority will go to review stops. eBooks only available via a BookFunnel link.


About The Book:

A Witch Vampire Paranormal Romance

"Trust me. Actually. Don't."

Sabine Nevemone has just moved to the small quaint town of Gloomvale to start a new life after being dumped by narcissistic boyfriend Oliver Rein.

Sabine has landed herself a job at Bad Brews coffee house, where she is working for the handsome rogue Tristan Roseblood. A mysterious handsome devilish vampire who always gets what he desires.

At first, Sabine could not believe her luck that she’s gotten a job so fast but things in Gloomvale aren't all they seem. Tristan is a powerful man and he knows it.

Sabine is reluctant to comply when Tristan forces her to come on an errand with him, which almost results in both her and Tristan getting killed because an old enemy catches up with Tristan. Tristan patches Sabine up telling her she’s in a very dangerous world and it would be best if she got out of town for her own sake. Sabine refuses to leave. This proves to be a fatal mistake on her part.

“You can’t get close to me. Get out while you can. I’m not a good match for a sweet thing like you. Trust me. Actually, don’t.” He warns her.

The only trouble is now Sabine is in too deep. She’s falling for him. Hard. But when Tristan rebuffs Sabine and she falls straight into his mysterious brother Laurence’s arms, it can only spell disaster for all concerned. Sabine then gets herself in real trouble when she's bitten on her way home. Will Tristan find her in time or will she die alone?

USA Today Best-Selling Author Isra Sravenheart brings us into the intense world of Tristan Roseblood. A vampire with a dark past only trouble is when Sabine stumbles into it, she too becomes entwined in his chaos. A paranormal romance jam-packed with suspense and intrigue and two charming vampires to boot.


This Stone Tiger Books YA Fantasy tour runs for two weeks from June 20th-24th & June 27th-July 1st,will have one or two stops a day on a Blog, Instagram, or TikTok and consist of reviews, pre-made guest posts, excerpts, & spotlights. Priority will go to review stops. eBooks only available.


About The Book:

Jett Hart, a 16-year-old girl from New Jersey, refuses to accept the diagnosis that her mother is brain-dead. Yes, Mom's long-comatose body seems like an empty shell. But there was that split-second, weird time Jett swears she lifted out from her own body and travelled to an indigo-colored, starry space, where she felt Mom's presence.

Now, as Jett's caretaking Aunt threatens to pull Mom's life support, Jett must find this mysterious indigo place again and return her mother to her body before it’s too late. The bad news is that only her schoolmate Farold -- who may or may not give off a more-than-friends vibe -- believes she can do this. The good news is that he's an amateur quantum physicist in training and has some ideas about how to help Jett get back “up there.”

Even if Jett manages to find Mom in the "indigo," can she bring her back to her body? While also staying connected to her own “empty shell” below? And, what if . . . someone is trying to stop her?

A teen thriller offering astral projection cosmology, life cords, parallel universes, and wormholes, THE INDIGO is a wild trip through one person's consciousness "above," her interconnected reality "below," and the psychological and potentially fatal dangers of being disconnected from both. 


This Morgan Douglas Sci-Fi tour runs for two weeks from June 20th-24th & June 27th-July 1st, will have one or two stops a day on a Blog, Instagram, or TikTok and consist of reviews, pre-made guest posts, excerpts, & spotlights. Priority will go to review stops. Physical books available (US addresses only) and eBooks available. There will be images for Instagram stops. 


About The Book:

From Book 1:

Out of nowhere, a mass shapeshifting event happened around the world. Human beings were instantly transformed into indistinguishable blank figures and trapped inside their bodies. The challenge of changing them all back rests on just a few who were left unchanged. What they will discover is a nefarious plot devised by two government officials to use the People Morphing Plan as a bargaining chip to push their own agenda.

Will they be successful in making the leaders of the world comply with their demands?

Sign up for all the tours HERE!



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