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I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the SNOTLINGS by Tarryn Mallick Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About the Book:

Title: SNOTLINGS: The Boogie Monster

Authors: Tarryn Mallick

Pub. Date: October 25, 2021

Publisher: Tarryn Mallick

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 298

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, B&N, TBD

Can you survive the snotpocalpyse?

Jackson Hart loves picking his nose. But when he finds a tiny warrior in his booger, everything turns WEIRD and DANGEROUS! Not only does he have a civilisation of snotlings up his nose . . . one wants revenge.

Mucuszar and his awful germ army have conquered both nostrils and Jackson’s world is next!

Can Jackson and his friends stop the snotpocalypse? Or will Mucuszar’s deadly creation destroy the planet?


Excerpt - Chapter One:

As he looked around the room trying to find something else to magnify, he remembered his booger collection. But instead of moving his bed out of the way, he put his finger up his nose and collected a fresh sample. Holding his finger steady and closing one eye, he looked through the magnifier at the glob of sticky snot. There were many colours – light to dark green, yellow and white, and a long nose hair sticking out of the middle.

Then something caught his eye.

Woah! What’s that moving inside my booger?

He leaned in closer, but whatever was moving had gone. He turned his finger on a different angle and there it was again. Something was hiding behind the nose hair.

 Jackson’s heart raced.

A tiny creature was peeking around the hair, looking straight at him.

It had a big sweet eyes and light green skin, which camouflaged perfectly with the booger. And it appeared to be wearing yellow armour engraved with the letter W.

Jackson’s eyes lit up. ‘Hello, what are you doing in my booger? Did I accidentally sniff you up my nose?’

The creature burst out of the booger and pulled a sword out from behind its back. It waved the blade in a loop, then pointed it at Jackson’s face.

‘Wait, stop. I’m not going to hurt–’

With two hands the creature drove its sword straight into his finger.

‘Ouch, stop that!’ said Jackson, feeling only the slightest prick.


Chapter Two:

Deep inside Jackson’s nose, where no fingers could reach, was a castle unlike any other. It was made from the finest tissue and dried boogers and glistened yellow-gold. Stickley Castle sat on the very top of Turbinate Peak and the quickest way there was the Nose Hair Express. Chugging up the vertical cliff, past the castle wall, you could see high circular towers above and a magnificent three-arched bridge below, spanning a river of rushing snot. The castle was fitting for the warriors who live inside – they were like royalty. These creatures were not people nor snot but something in between. They called themselves snotlings.

The huge fortified wall wrapped around Stickley Castle was not for show. It kept out dangerous germs that lurked outside. Though there was something more deadly than the germs. Something that frightened even the bravest of snotlings. A lethal hooman finger, like a striking viper, snatching anyone who entered the nostril as it picked its precious snot.

The siren had been going off in Stickley Castle for the past hour and the workers from Hooman Alert Control were lined up, taking turns reading the warning message through the phlegmaphone:

‘Snotlings, please remain calm. If someone you know is missing, report them to lost not found. All jobs in the nostril have been cancelled. Meeting with the warriors starts in five minutes in the Town Square. Remember, the hooman is dangerous. If you have mucus on you, you could be picked. Check yourself and others.’



About Tarryn Mallick:

I became a writer because I had a story to tell. A story about snot! It may seem strange to write a book about boogers, but growing up, my little brother tormented me with his snot every… single… day!

I got my degree in Creative and Professional Writing and studied numerous courses and books, applying everything I had learnt to my book. It took me a short six years and now Snotlings is nearly ready to be shared with everyone.

To know that families around the world will squish together in bed and read my story and laugh- as I did with my Mum and brother- brings me so much happiness!


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Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a SNOTLINGS Book Box with fun goodies and finished copy of SNOTLINGS, US Only.

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