Tour Schedule: THE SHADOW WATCH Series by S.A. Klopfenstein

Hey everyone! We are super excited to announce the schedule for the THE SHADOW WATCH Series by S.A. Klopfenstein Blog Tour which begins on Monday, March 18th!

The tour runs from March 18th-22nd & 25th-29th, will have two stops per day, and will consist of reviews, interviews, guest posts, excerpts, & spotlights!

There is also a tour-wide giveaway for a finished copies of the books, US Only. So be sure to stop by any or all of the stops for a chance to win.

But until then, here are your hosts.

The Tour Hosts

Week One

3/18/2019- Lone Tree ReviewsExcerpt
3/18/2019- Literary GoldSpotlight

3/19/2019- Kelly P's BlogExcerpt
3/19/2019- TMBA Corbett Tries to WriteInterview

3/20/2019- Life With No PlotReview
3/20/2019- The Hermit LibrarianGuest Post

3/21/2019- Adventures Thru WonderlandReview
3/21/2019- Graced with BooksInterview

3/22/2019- Lauren is ReadingReview
3/22/2019- ❧Defining Ways❧Guest Post

Week Two

3/25/2019- Sincerely Karen JoExcerpt
3/25/2019- BookHounds YAGuest Post

3/26/2019- Colorimetry Guest Post
3/26/2019- Two Chicks on BooksInterview

3/27/2019- Owl Always Be ReadingExcerpt
3/27/2019- Jaime's WorldExcerpt

3/28/2019- D. Books and ReviewsReview

3/29/2019- AbooktropolisReview
3/29/2019- Lisa Loves LiteratureExcerpt

About the Book

Title: THE SHADOW WATCH (The Shadow Watch #1)
Author: S.A. Klopfenstein
Pub. Date: May 15, 2018
Publisher: Guardian Grey Publishing
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 420
Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N

For centuries, the Oshan Empire has ruled the New World with terror and blood. The Watchers have been eradicated, and their sorcery is but a whispered myth. But the heart of magic beats on, and as it surges back to life, three young people will determine the fate of the world…

Tori Burodai, a strong-willed slave girl. Her magic could ignite a revolution, but only if she resists the ruler who wants to use her powers to restore the empire to its former glory.

Darien Redvar, the idealistic soldier she loves. His rage leads him down a dark path to power that could turn him against the one person he cares for.

Kale Andovier, a lordling rebel with a torturous past. His quest for a weapon of dark sorcery will thrust him into a twisted game of power that could change the world forever.

Will the return of magic transform the New World, or bring it to ruin?

Title: THE RAGE OF SAINTS (The Shadow Watch series Book #2)
Author: S.A. Klopfenstein
Pub. Date: March 26, 2019
Publisher: Guardian Grey Publishing
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 507
Find it: Goodreads, Amazon

The thrilling second installment in the Shadow Watch series! 

The Shadow Watch has been undone. Their captain lies in the dungeons of the White Citadel, and the Gallows Girl has disappeared. Most of the surviving Watchers have joined the chancellor's new magical army, the Sky Guard, led by Darien Redvar, but the Gallows Boy is shaken from the return of the monsters of the Old World, and he must soon choose, once and for all, where his loyalties lie.

Tori and Mischa trek to the Great White North with an Alyut shaman, who believes Tori is the one who will bring Restoration to his people. A resistance is growing in the North, but Tori may not be the god the people are looking for, and the price of revolution may cost Tori her heart as well as her life.

Meanwhile, another threat grows in strength. Old World monsters are rising up across the New World, and no one knows how they've returned. As nations ready themselves for a magical war, their return threatens to change everything.

New alliances are set in place, new friendships are forged, new loves kindled. But no one is safe, for there can be no war without betrayal.

Don't miss this the latest installment in the epic fantasy series readers are comparing to Mistborn and Throne of Glass!

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